Cure for Bitterness

Cure for Bitterness

Cure for Bitterness

Psalm 119:103 

(Amplified Bible)

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

When you feel bitterness inside you remember the chocolate chip muffins! You must poke a hole in the bitterness and fill it with the sweetness of God that can be found in His Word!!!

Dear Woman of God,

There are times in our lives when we encounter unpleasantness when dealing with other people. Things are often said or done that can cause bitterness to creep into our hearts. We must remember that the sweetness of God’s word can always counteract the bitterness of the enemy’s attack. One of the women of Swift had to explain this to her teenage son. He had experienced some negativity from those around him and expressed to his mother that he was beginning to feel bitterness toward those people. She reminded him of the chocolate chip muffins that he made. He added too much cocoa powder and the muffins turned out bitter. In order to salvage the muffins, she made a sweetened chocolate sauce and poked holes in the muffins and then poured the sauce over the muffins to fill the holes to counteract the bitterness. She reminded him of this process and told him that this was what he needed to do with the bitterness he was feeling. She created a sign to remind him to poke holes in the bitterness and fill it with the sweetness of God’s word. We must also learn this lesson. We encourage you to meditate on God’s word to chase away bitterness or any negative thing the enemy brings against you!

May you taste the sweetness of God’s word!